Publicades les bases de la borsa d’emergència social de l’Ajuntament de Xest

Fachada del Ayuntamiento de Cheste.
Fachada del Ayuntamiento de Cheste.

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The City Council of Cheste has published today, Friday, December 19, the basis for the creation of a social emergency job exchange for the period 2019-2014, aimed at unemployed people with difficult labor insertion and at risk of social exclusion. In this way, people who meet the requirements may opt to be hired temporarily by the City Council through a contest system.

“This bag is intended to respond, on the one hand to the need of the City Council to make temporary contracts for the realization of activities of community interest and multiple services that accumulate periodically, and on the other, have an instrument that allows us to give response to situations of need and exclusion suffered by 4.5% of the population, ”said the Councilor for Employment and Personnel, José Vicente Guijarro.

Characteristics of the positions offered
The positions that will be offered will be to carry out works of community interest within the activities and services of municipal competence, both in multiple services in areas such as construction, cleaning or gardening, as well as supporting any department of the City Council.

The contracts will be temporary, for work and service, with an initial duration of three months renewable to six, full-time. The schedule will be stipulated according to the realization of seven and a half hours a day, working five days a week between Monday and Sunday. The salary established for hired persons will be calculated based on 8,149.54 euros gross per year, to which a destination supplement of 4,198.32 euros and a specific complement of 4,000.5 euros are added.

Scaling criteria
As detailed in the rules, for the assessment, criteria such as the age of enrollment in the Servef, family income, age, if the applicant has functional diversity, family situations, the registration in Cheste will be taken into account and work experience, among other aspects, such as being a victim of gender violence or being in charge of dependents over 65 years of age.

Interested persons may submit the application included in the annex of the rules, together with the supporting documentation that meets the requirements, by registration of the City Council, from 9 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday, within the period of fifteen business days from the day following the publication of the notice in the Bulletin Board of the electronic headquarters. However, the bag will admit high every 6 months.

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